Creative Artwork / Graphic Consultationscreen_66x65

Our state of the art graphic department is fully equipped to manage any project from concept to finished plate. We provide complete creative services including; concept & design, typesetting, colour separation, trapping & pre-press troubleshooting.

Pre-Press Troubleshootingmagnafying_68x64

If you are concerned about the end result of your design and print quality, or are unsure what requirements are needed we can help. We will conduct a full diagnostic troubleshoot of your art file to ensure it prints perfect and meets all of the specifications for the press your job will be running on.

Photopolymer Printing Platespaper_56x56

We manufacture plates from small to large in any thickness required. from .045 to .250 gauge. We can create continuous image plates up to 48” x 78”. We even have the ability to make a plate that is 50″ x 100″.

Photopolymer Printing Plate Repaircheckmark_60x58

We can repair your current plates whether you need worn out slugs replaced, the backing replaced, or if one of your plates on a multi colour job was damaged, we will match it up and create a new plate.

Press Fingerprintfingerprint_68x69

Fingerprinting your press will allow you to benchmark the performance of your press and optimize consistency in your finished product.

Press Characterizationdrop_62x63

Press Characterization will allow for colour management control between input data & finished printed product.

Opti-Chek Plate Mountingreg_57x56

We offer quality plates that are press-ready with perfect registration for multi colour mounts. We provide our customers with a full size colour proof with each print plate ensuring you are getting exactly what you ordered.

Pre-Press Film Outputfilm_57x59

We produce high quality large format film up to 44” inches wide by unlimited length.